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Sysmosoft is a Swiss company founded in 2010 with strong conviction that new mobile technologies would fundamentally change the way organization do business.


Sysmosoft mission is to enable organizations to easily release business critical mobile Apps that have to meet with strong security and compliance requirements.


Sysmosoft develops the SENSE technology which can host, protect and control any business Apps using  dedicated mechanisms and without impacting the user experience.

Our Team

Frédéric Mauger
Partner, co-founder

Mr. Mr Frédéric Mauger, HES Software Engineer, graduated in 2004 from the University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland. Since then, hehas worked in product development in private Swiss finance, for Credit Suisse, and for the Swiss government. He has amassed a substantial knowledge base in software architecture and team management. Frédéric joined Sysmosoft SA in 2010 to bring his wealth of experience to the fledgeling company. He is now Head of Research & Development and the principal architect of Sysmosoft products. His re-sponsibilities include defining and refining product vision, managing the development team, and collaborating with partners in development.

Mark Vincent
Partner, co-founder

Mr Mark Vincent, HES Software Engineer, defended his thesis in mobile-based home automation at the University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland, in 2004. He then joined the Institute for Information and Communication Technology, where as a software engineer, he was responsible for designing and developing a medical information network. This experience provided Mark with experience in domains such as middleware, mobile development, and security. In 2007, while lecturing at HEIG-VD, he worked for Lotaris SA and earned a comfortable knowledge of high-availability software and industrial software development. After founding Sysmosoft SA with Julien Probst in 2010, he became Head of Integration and Support and is now responsible for managing technical relationships with partners, on-site integration, andrefining support tools and processes.

Julien Probst
Board member, co-founder

Mr Julien Probst, HES Telecommunications Engineer, defended his thesis in mobile security in 2008 at the University of Applied Sciences, Western Switzerland. While developing the premise of Sense technology, he acquired a strong base of technical experience, especially in security, cryptography, and mobile development. To commercialize this technology, he founded Sysmosoft SA with Mark Vincent in 2010.

Nagy Moustafa
Executive Chairman

Nagy Moustafa is an experienced venture capital investor and entrepreneur with an extensive record of building ideas from conception to reality. His international experience includes ownership and active management positions across a portfolio of companies based in Canada, Europe, and the Middle East. Nagy has a passion for communications security and is currently the Executive Chairman, CEO, and co-founder of InfoSec Global. Through his investment holding company, Canadian Growth Investments, Nagy is also Chairman and founder of Toronto based company Gryphon Secure and Swiss based companies Swiss Growth Investment, Sysmosoft and Agora. Prior to his entrepreneurial career, Nagy held senior positions in technology at Rogers Communications in Toronto. He is an active member of The World Presidents Organization.


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