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SENSE Secure Workspace

SENSE Workspace is a simple, efficient and highly secured solution designed for company wishing to securely mobilize their internal or external workforce without managing user's device.

Secure Inbox

Enable workforce to manage their professional activity including corporate emails, contacts calendars and task management.

Secure Browser

Enable workforce to access company intranet resources and web applications while offsite and without having to expose them directly to the internet.  

Secure Document

Enable workforce to securely manage corporate documents, make annotations, sign, share modifications and do presentations during meetings.

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KEy Features


·No reliance on device security
 Sensitive data isolation
Dedicated encryption
Dedicated key management
Data in-transit protection
Data at-rest encryption
Strong 2 factor authentication
Secure user activation
Device integrity control


Workspace lifecycle management
Users and groups management
Workspace Security management
Role based management
Multi domain management
Allow Calendar Exportation
Allow Contacts Exportation


Microsoft Active Directory
Other LDAP
Radius  Auth. System
Microsoft Exchange
Microsoft SharePoint
IBM Lotus Domino
CMIS compatible 
XMPP Compatible

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without taking control and managing mobile devices