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SENSE Mobile App And Data Security Solution

Simple, scalable and highly secure Enterprise Mobile Solution designed protect Business Critical Mobile Apps without having to manage user's mobile devices
SENSE is built since its inception to meet the highest  Application Security Standards to let any third Party Apps benefit from its unique capabilities without efforts. 

Integrated eNTERPRISE Platform

SENSE is an Enterprise solution designed to host, protect and manage any Business Critical Mobile Apps of organizations governed by strong security and compliance constraints.  Thanks to SENSE, enterprise can ensure Business Critical Mobile Apps seamlessly integrate with their internal processes and leverage existing security systems.

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Independent sECURITY lAYER

SENSE since its inception is designed to meet the highest security standards. All complex security mechanisms are handled at the application layer without relying on device capabilities. Thanks to SENSE independent security layer, Enterprise can ensure their Business Critical Mobile Apps and sensitive data remain secure whatever the configuration or weaknesses of the underlying mobile device. 

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Contextual Rule Engine

SENSE leverages a Business Rule Engine to enforce company-specific business rules depending on contextual information of the business mobile Apps.. SENSE monitors in real-time behavior of mobile Apps and can adjust security profile and data access rights depending on user's country location or time. Thanks to SENSE business rules engine, enterprise can enforce specific policies to prevent fraud. .

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App Control

SENSE controls Apps without installing a profile on the mobile device. SENSE can be used to protect Business Apps on un-managed devices or on top of managed devices to achieve further security and/or compliance requirements. Thanks to SENSE app focus, enterprise can significantly increase their security level without impacting user's experience or looking down mobile devices.


KEy Features

Data-in-Transit Protection

Encrypt communication channel using dedicated SENSE Encryption 

Data-at-rest Protection

Encrypt files and databases using dedicated SENSE Encryption layer

Backend System Protection

Filter mobile connections and grant access only to authorized users and Apps

App Execution Protection

Prevent data-loss, data-leakage, jailbreak and debugging of Apps

Multi Layer Authentication

Stack multiple layers of authentication to meet requirements

App Layer authentication

Activate and authenticate Apps using SENSE unique App authentication key

State-of-the-art cryptography

Use military grade encryption algorithms directly embedded within each Apps 

Enterprise Key Management 

Granular control of lifecycle and persistent storage policy of Data Encryption Keys

Custom Cryptography Module

Leverage custom cryptography components within SENSE system

Enterprise Identity Integration

Synchronize users and groups with company Identity System

Authentication System Integration

Support Enterprise authentication schemes NTLM, Form, Radius, Kerberos, …

Custom Integration Connectors

Create custom Identity or Authentication modules to leverage specific systems

Kerberos constrained delegation

Enable SENSE to impersonate authentication of mobile app users

External OTP Integration

Leverage company hardware one-time-password System (RADIUS)

Enterprise Single Sign On

Let Apps benefit from enterprise SSO capabilities to improve user experience


Use a single SENSE instance and connect multiple department / entities

Multi-site Deployment

Deploy a core site and distribute SENSE proxy on distant sites

EMM Compatiblity

Deploy SENSE on top of already managed devices and leverage EMM services

User Access Control

Grant access only to authorized and authentication mobile users

App Access Control

Grant access only to authorized and authentication mobile Apps

Cross-Border Access Control

Grant access only from authorized countries or network

Custom Business Rules

Create custom business rules using SENSE Business Rule Engine

Geo-Based Policy

Create Business Rules and App security policy based on accurate geolocation

Time-Based Policy

Create Business Rules and App security policy base on access time

Real-time Policy

Create Business Rules and App security policy depending on App context

Reporting and Alerting

Generate audit trail and export it within company SIEM System

Context Forwarding

Forward contextual information to backend systems for further processing

Looking To Deploy Business Apps

Having to handle highly sensitive information

How Apps can be enabled with SENSE ?

Native SDK

Let iOS and Android developers use SENSE within their native mobile Apps and have granular control of mechanisms to use

Cross Platform SDK

Let Cordova developers use SENSE within cross-platform projects and have granular control of mechanisms to use

Web App Wrapper

Package dedicated mobile Apps with SENSE capabilities to securely access organization’s existing web resources

Native App Wrapper

Inject SENSE technology within already developed Apps without having to modify their source code nor involve developers

What are the Risk 

Technical downfall of mobile apps and backends that lead to sensitive data breach

Frequently Asked Questions

How keys are managed

SENSE stores key ....

Is my data safe

Yes your data is safe because of....

Is it compatible with EMM ?

SENSE app protect is a solution that enables you to....

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