Protect business Critical Mobile Apps

Self-Defending Business App

Organizations are embracing mobility by deploying new business critical mobile Apps to their internal staff, external contractors and clients involving sensitive information subject to strong security and compliance constraints. While mobility presents clear business opportunities, it also generates material risks that can damage the organisation’s business, particularly related to the loss of client data or infringement of compliance policy. Sysmosoft SENSE is a Swiss Enterprise Mobile Security Solution that enables Enterprises release their new business-critical mobile Apps in a safe and compliant manner without impacting user’s experience. 


In-House Apps

Self-Protect any in-house developed Apps or third party Apps deployed internally

Web Apps

Self-Protect any existing web apps or internal web resources.

Public Apps

Self-Protect Business Apps deployed on official App Stores.

for any USERS

Internal Staff

Self Protect Business Apps for internal staff on un-managed or manged devices

External Partners

Self-Protect Business Apps for external contractors, partners or VIP


Self-Protect Client facing Apps without altering App design or experience

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Why IT MAKE sense ?

Protect Business Apps without relying on Device (in)Security 

Control and Protect sensitive data using unique Independent App Security Layer

Deliver homogeneous security across mobile platforms

Enforce real-time security policy to Apps based on contextual information 

Control Business Apps Without Managing Devices

No need for device enrollment and configuration

Compatible with any MDM/EMM solution

Compatible with unmanaged devices, BYOD or extended enterprise

Leverage Your security SYSTEMS across Business Apps  

Integrate seamlessly with existing infrastructure and processes

Inject enterprise security capabilities within any Business Apps in no time

Create custom modules to address specific requirements 

Mobile App Security Facts

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