Electronic signatures for the financial industry

  • Digitize processes to improve efficiency and compliance

  • Support of legally binding electronic signatures and seals

  • Available for mobile devices or desktops

  • Modern SDK for a fast and efficient integration

  • Integrated with several core-banking, CLMs and other backends

  • Use cases: callbacks, MiFID II, on-boarding, SRD, violations and more

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Easily implement use cases with regulated electronic signatures. Qualified Electronic Signature is recognised in CH and EU as equivalent of hand-written signatures.

Cost optimisation

Reduce operational costs by digitalising manual operations and paper related expenses with the correct level of electronic signature.

Electronic seal

Implement use cases with official seals of the bank like quarterly performances, general conditions, invoices, order confirmations and many more.

Core banking

Fully digitalise transaction based processes by integrating any backend. Several core banking are supported.

Simple to use

Deliver transactions for approval via any kind of digital channel: mobile app, email or any front facing solution.

Audit trail

GDPR compliant body of evidence with all traces related to all transactions between the bank and the customer.

How it works in three steps


28.11.2019 - Sysmosoft partners with Swisscom Trust services

Partnership with Swisscom Trust Services enables fully digital customer journey without media discontinuity. Qualified electronic signature in accordance with eIDAS and ZertES. Identification process in the hands of the bank.

Read full press release: here.

20.06.2019 - BCP Millenium deploys Sysmosoft electronic signature solution

As part of of their recently officialized strategic alliance, Sysmosoft SA and Signatys have teamed up to deploy of an electronic signature solution within the Millennium Private Bank in Geneva.

Read full press release: here.

10.03.2019 - Cysec SA and Sysmosoft SA are pleased to announce their strategic alliance

This partnership sets the foundation for the use of advanced cryptographic technologies in the secure deployment and operations of electronic signature solutions for the banking industry and beyond.

Read full press release: here.

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